Brooks B17 Softened
Brooks B17 Softened

Brooks B17 Softened

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A comfortable saddle from day one, the B17 Softened is a ideal saddle for commuting, touring and general use. With vegetable tanned leather treated with special waxes for more supple performance straight out of the box, the B17 Softened is fitted with eyelets to be laced to the desired tension and to preserve the saddle shape. Finished with black steel rails and machined steel rivets, the B17 Softened is a comfortable bike seat for those who want to avoid a lengthy break-in period.

   Durable, 5mm thick Vegetable Tanned Leather

   Nubuck leather is softer than standard to allow for a shorter break-in period

   Laces for Saddle Tensioning

   Tubular steel rivets

   Distinctive side stamp

   The iconic Brooks packplate

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